HATE ETERNAL – Drummer Chason Westmoreland Infects You With “Pathogenic Apathy”

Actually, apathy is absolutely not what is on display here. This is the opposite of apathy, in fact – focused, active dedication to a craft is all that I’m seeing in this video of Hate Eternal drummer Chason Westmoreland (who is also the current live drummer for The Faceless).


I’m just gonna come out and say it – I fucking love SickDrummer.com. I like guitar videos just fine, but I goddamn LOVE watching awesome death metal drummers! Lots of complainers like to mouth off at the keyboard about “where’s the groove?” and “too much is not always a good thing” and other such jaded elitist nonsense when watching good metal drummers. Who the fuck are these groovemasters they’re listening to? Aaron Spears? Matt Halpern? Yah, for sure – those guys groove. But this is something entirely different. An art form of a different angle, and the Sick Drummer guys are the death metal drumming Ken Burns.

So if you groove to blast beats, then click on the play button below and hold on to ya butts!

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