Gear Gods Exclusive – First Interview With THE FACELESS’ New Guitarist Justin McKinney

Sure, the running joke is that The Faceless can’t hold onto members, and they are a revolving door of musicians. But ponder this for a moment: they’ve been a transient home to some seriously ridiculous players. The fact is, you have to be ABSURDLY good to play in that band, so if you’ve played even one show with them, give yourself a pat on the back. The most recent lineup prior to its implosion included Alex Rudinger, Wes Hauch, and Evan Brewer – just let that sink in for a minute. The Faceless is a modern-day metal Yardbirds.


The newest lineup (at least for the time being) is no exception to this rule, performing this past week with Hate Eternal drummer Chason Westmoreland, Aegeon vocalist Julian Kersey, and new guitarist Justin McKinney of The Zenith Passage, whose official entry into the band was announced just 3 weeks ago.

We were lucky enough to nab the first interview with Justin since his initiation into the group, which you may observe below:

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  • legit bands, great talent

  • So fucking excited about this, two of my favorite guitarists merging. As long as the Zenith passage stays active as well this can only mean good things!

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