Alex Rudinger Plays the Drums; Has Rad Man-Bun

Alex Rudinger, thronesman for the Faceless, Conquering Dystopia, Ordinance, as well as current road drummer fill-in for Revocation and Monuments, certainly keeps busy. Not too busy to observe proper decorum when it comes to man-buns, which he ostentatiously flaunts in his new playthrough video for the Monuments song “Degenerate,” which you can view below.


Now look, obviously this thing is a work in progress, but it’s a pretty goddamn promising start. Soon enough, if more drummers get on board, Buzzfeed will have to start including a “The blast-beating bun-man” in their lists.

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  • I love this guy, he is amazing. The only thing I can’t get over though, is how stiff he looks behind that kit, always. He never looks comfortable or loose.

  • man-bun = bulge

    just so ya know.

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