Time To Get DIRTY With This FRIEDMAN DS-40 Plugin Overview

Behold! The “Dirty Shirley” plugin-based amp simulator by FRIEDMAN is here and it sounds BIG. In this overview video by the one and only Spectre Sound Studios, Glenn Fricker is accompanied by Mr. Trey Xavier himself and they discuss the many cool features of the DS-40 while the great guitar goblin Isaac Stolzer-Gary, from RIFFIFIED, plays some sick riffs for demonstration. This plugin is too cool. It definitely has the 60’s and 70’s hard rock / proto-metal tones you’re looking for. What makes it super-duper unique is the automatic IR loader! But can it djent?? Well in the wise words of Trey, “anything can djent if you’re not a coward.”


Like what you see? Want to learn more about the DIRTY SHIRLEY? Well wipe the drool off those lips and click HERE.

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