After their massive success following the release of their Archetype: Plini guitar plugin, Neural DSP are taking the world by storm and announcing their next plugin endeavor: Archetype: Nolly! The plugin features a plethora of the favorite sounds and tones from guitarist, bassist, and acclaimed producer Adam “Nolly” Getgood.


The plugin includes:

  • Four state-of-the-art tube amplifier models of Nolly’s own-modified amplifiers are at the core of this plugin. Perfectly captured for an uncannily natural feel. A crystal-clear Clean, a low-gain, Crunch, a fuller-sounding, higher gain Rhythm, and a powerful and defined Lead.
  • Two different overdrives/booster pedals, in addition to a solid-state compressor, and even a delay provide enough flexibility and potential for fine tone sculpting and experimenting. Ideal for detailed spectrum adjustment, the onboard 9-band graphic equalizer allows for total control over frequency response.
  • Multi-dimensional reverb and feature-rich delay pedals provide all the elements required for lush ambient sounds and adding the perfect amount of depth for leads. The onboard delay features our proprietary machine-learning generated Tape Saturation algorithm for the perfect combination between cutting-edge technology and vintage warmth and color.
  • Boasting of 640 impulse response elements painstakingly captured by Nolly using his favorite four microphones, the virtual speaker section is this plugin’s secret weapon. Featuring four virtual speaker cabinets, each perfectly matched to an amplifier, this section provides our renown multi-positioning technology but with an unprecedented level of precision, and resolution.
  • A Link-Unlink control allows you to use each head with its matched cabinet, or experiment by interchanging them.

About the plugin, Neural DSP had this to say:

“Whether it is at multi-instrumental stints in Periphery, engineering some of the most breathtaking audio productions in the past few years, or even capturing the perfect drum tone, everything Nolly does is executed with absolute precision and a seemingly obsessive commitment to excellence. Throughout the years, there are very few things Nolly hasn’t experimented with in his quest for the perfect guitar tone, even teaching himself electronics to re-engineer his favorite amplifiers’ circuits to his exact requirements. And screwing and unscrewing dozens of speakers for the perfect cabinet capture. When we learn of this, we knew we had to collaborate to bring this vision of his to the world.”

You can pre-order Archetype: Nolly here before it drops on August 30th.

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