KNOCKED LOOSE – Ultra Slammin’ Drum Cam Footage of “Oblivions Peak” and “All My Friends”

Check out this sick drum cam footage of Knocked Loose drummer Kevin Kaine absolutely bodying two of their heaviest tracks, “Oblivions Peak” & “All My Friends”, at the San Diego date of the 2017 Warped Tour.


Notably, Kevin is rocking a pretty modest setup here. Though he is, for sure, making the most of it. Dude has some tough af grooves and cool little idiosyncratic patterns.

By the way, this video was shot by  Cayem Interviews who also conducted a neat little interview with Knocked Loose’s singer, Bryan Garris, if you’re interested.

Knocked Loose dropped a monstrously savage debut full-length album last year, entitled Laugh Tracks. If you haven’t heard it yet, Will Putney’s thicc production is alone worth the price of admission. But beyond that, it’s an uber-heavy chunk of angst and Beatdown with some unexpectedly creative songwriting.

And if you’re unaware of Knocked Loose altogether then you’re slippin’, son. They are the band to watch in Hardcore right now. And if you like the heavy stuff, they have riff-after-riff of grimy grooves and thuggish slam breakdowns.

I get it. You’re a Metal dude and you think Hardcore is “boarrrring”. But even after a cursory listen you’ll realize that Knocked Loose utilize dynamic arrangements and tempos changes way more than 90% of metal bands that call themselves “tech/prog”. And, did I mention, they’re heavy as balls.

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