The 5 BEST Jack White Riffs! (Plasma Coil Demo)

If you follow Gear Gods in any capacity, you probably know that this is mainly a metal outlet, and that that’s what I mostly play and listen to. But honestly, there’s times I need a break from the bludgeoning, and that’s when I listen to a bunch of other kinds of stuff – everything from Top 40 to Classical to Jazz – and lo-fi garage rock/indie.


Much of that consists of Jack White projects, like the White Stripes and his solo material. I don’t think you’ll ever convince me that he’s any kind of spectacular guitarist, but the dude can write some earworm riffs. I noticed he always does some kind of cool rhythmic twist in his riffs, setting an expectation and then messing with it. You can’t deny that Seven Nation Army is our generation’s Smoke on the Water.

So me and my garage rock twin decided to sit down and play the best 5 (it was supposed to be 10, this idiot only learned half of them) Jack White guitar riffs to demo the Plasma Coil pedal from Gamechanger Audio and Jack’s Third Man Records. It’s one of the gnarliest sounds I’ve ever heard out of a guitar pedal, and it is not for the faint of heart.

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