ARCHSPIRE – Drummer Spencer Prewett Obliterates the Sound Barrier

If you’ve never seen Archspire play, then you don’t know tech. Sure, they sound amazing on their album The Lucid Collective, but anybody can sound good with today’s recording technology, right? The real test is the live arena – can they pull it off live? Are they tech enough?


Well, the proof is in the quiche, and these five Canadians try eggstra hard (boiled) to make sure that they land sunny side up on every sweep-tapping, gravity-blasting, flow-spitting beat. So if you’re looking to get your brain scrambled, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and watch Spencer Prewegg show you how to use your beaters to make some deviled beats. I realize he’s a bit more yolked than most, but if you’re not a frittata, maybe you can poach some of his moves.

Omelette you finish, but Spencer had the most tech performance of all time. OF ALL TIME!


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