AKIAVEL Streams Blackened Double Guitar Playthrough of Two Songs

Are you ready for a double dose of Akiavel? Because guitarist Chris is here to give you exactly that with his playthrough of the songs “Cold” and “Medium.” Both are impressive as hell, and are a testament to Chris’ riff-writing abilities.


Akiavel recently released their new record Væ Victis, which you can grab on Bandcamp here. The band also has physical copies available through their website here.

“I chose these two songs because they show the variety in Akiavel. ‘Cold’ features a more thrash style and I love the speed and melody, with the break at the end. ‘Medium’ has a very special melody and has more of a djent style to it. They show that we aren’t simply death metal, we like to play around with a lot of different styles.

“I love playing on Darius guitars because each one is custom; handmade. No two are exactly the same and that is very special to me. That, and the amazing sound of course!”

Chris uses the following gear:

  • Custom Darius Guitars featuring Custom Dominger Pickups
  • Skull Strings Artist Series
  • Tortex Standard Pick 1.14mm
  • Kemper Profiler Stage

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