SLEEP WAKER Switches Instruments for New “Distance” Playthrough

Sleep Waker is now streaming their playthrough of the song “Distance,” though with all its members crushing an instrument they don’t actually play in the band. The impressive lineup for this particular playthrough is:

  • Frankie (Drummer) – is on Vocals
  • Jake (Guitar) – is on Drums
  • Aaron (bass) – is on Piano
  • Hunter (Vocals) – is on Bass
  • Jason (guitar) – is on guitar

“‘Distance Reimagined’ came from our love of softer emo and shoegaze music. Everyone in the band has a major affinity for it, and we felt it would be a good time to highlight that some of us have talents outside of our usual instruments.

“Hunter used to play guitar in the band before Sleep Waker, Jake started as a drummer for a pop punk band, Aaron had this hidden piano talent no one knew about, and Frankie is constantly writing with guitar. This song is an expression of the band from a different and much more personal perspective. We love to experiment and mess around, and we’re very excited to bring more experimentation into the sound of Sleep Waker.”

The original version of “Distance” can be found on the new Sleep Waker album Alias, available here.

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