Matt Halpern, You Tease! Show Us Your V-Neck!

We’re big fans of Periphery and their drummer Matt Halpern, who in addition to founding the online music lesson company BandHappy, also moonlights as an Abercrombie & Fitch model and was a creative consultant on Magic Mike XXL (actually, he might’ve even featured in a dance sequence alongside Channing Tatum and company in the movie, which you should go see, because it’s great – one of the best American films of the year so far).


Halpern also plays the drums in his spare time, and Periphery recently dropped one of the biggest metal records of the year so far in Juggernaut. Halpern has been dropping plenty of drum cam playthrough videos for songs off the album, most recently for “The Bad Thing.”

He’s back, this time wearing his sheik summer-white V-Neck and jamming on “Psychosphere.” Check out both below:

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