Carcass Activate the Cadaver Pouch Drum Cam System


Anybody here catch Carcass on their recent glory-tours in support of the pretty goddamn great Surgical Steel? The band are by no means on a victory lap; this is a well-oiled machine playing new and old tunes that seriously rock.

Of course, since all the chatter around the group is about Jeff Walker and their comeback, it’s easy to miss that Carcass brought in a literal kid to fill the drum stool, Dan Wilding, who joined the band when he was 22 or 23. Of course, Wilding was no spring chicken even then, having handled drum duties for several years in active outfits like Aborted, Trigger the Bloodshed, and more. It must be unreal slapping the skin behind Walker every night – so enjoy this drum playthrough of “Cadaver Pouch Conveyer System” off 2013’s Surgical Steel as a little taste of what that’s like.

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