Converge Shows Are Bonkers At Every Angle

Converge drummer and GoPro pioneer Benjamin Koller has the sickest YouTube channel. The dude posts solo drum tracks, old demos and recordings, and of course, installments in his excellent series Koller Cam. The premise of the series is pretty simple: strap a Cam to Koller, rip. Since Koller is such an excitable, spastic, and active drummer, he’s super fun to watch on this format. It’s almost as though the founder of GoPro went to a Converge show in ’05 and decided to build a technology specifically for drummers like Ben, and bands like Converge.


Don’t take my word for it: check out his new playthrough, for the song “Last Light,” and this time with three camera angles (side, behind, and POV), shot at this past July’s This is Hardcore festival.

Oh yeah, and Ben’s also teased two new absolutely ridiculous GoPro shot angles that he may incorporate into his vids soon: shin and wrist. Have playthroughs gone too far?

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