Mastodon’s Brann Dailor Channels His Inner Phil Collins

Has anybody been out to catch Mastodon on their current run with Gojira and Kvelertak? When I caught the first leg of the tour in the Spring, the band really brought it live, playing maybe one of the best setlists they’ve ever concocted. Like many of you, I spend much of the time that the band is onstage watching Brann Dailor, and wishing that I could just sit right below him with a notebook and box of tissues for my single tear. God this dude rips, and is just an amazing singer. The band has really figured out a great balance between the three voices with the new album Once More Round The Sun, and I’m happy that Brann is continuing to play a big part in the vocals for the band.


Lucky for us, MEINL cymbals has afforded us the opportunity to silently cry and jot down tabs by providing a drum cam clip of “High Road,” shot at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier this month. Enjoy:

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  • I dunno if it’s such a great balance, there’s hardly any Brent on once more round the sun

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