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Potentially the most important step.

Podcast features the engineer behind records by Sleep, Pallbearer, Eyehategod, Mr. Bungle, and more.

Wood you branch out and stick this in your studio, or wood you leaf it where it is?

Can't stop, won't stop - but if you wanna stop by, March 20-23, Orlando.

Somewhat more popular than their competitors, "Cold Audio".

Check some studio footage from the recording of the band's new Outward EP with engineer Kevin Bernsten.

I vote for a rule that all 64-bit plugins have to have "64" at the end of the name, like

I was working in the KeyLab late one night

New Friedman amp sims and an acoustic IR plugin!

A new kind of interface for recording guitar - tube USB.

Fire, Water, Air - all they're missing is Earth and the (less popular) Heart and they could have a Captain

IK has some new mobile stuff for 2015, both iPhone and Android.