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I'll write it, and we'll do it live!

This is going to be like, at least twice as good as Universal Soldier

This passive utility box is packed-to-bursting with clever features.

Because everyone has to start somewhere, and every musician should have at least a cursory idea on how tracking and

At War With Reality is coming soon, but that won't stop you from listening to the drums. That's because nothing

Shouldn't it be "Advanced Music Production Suite," grammatically speaking?

Glenn Fricker and a few guitarist compatriots sought the answer.

Hailing death is easy. Try hailing a cab for a real challenge.

In the gray binary world of metal software you have to snatch your laughs where you can find them.

An entire day of geeking out on some of our favorite gear of the year.

The engineer/musicians talk shop about mastering, recording, and performing.