G-Sonique’s Rock and Metal Boutique Plug-Ins Win the Award for “Best Fake Pedal Name”

Just today I was having a conversation about the names that companies have to use when titling amp or pedal software models that were obviously inspired by a real product, but don’t have the rights to the name. It may be a “Treadplate” instead of a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, or an XTC as a stand in for a Bogner Ecstasy. Maybe a “Green Screamer” as an Ibanez Tube Screamer stand in: that’s an obvious enough title. But what do you call your faux Pro Co Rat? If you’re G-Sonique it’s a “Dirty Rodent,” and I’m not sure why but I just fucking love that title. It kind of sounds like the kind of sexual maneuver that you have to look up on Urban Dictionary.


The Dirty Rodent is one of 6 pedals and 2 amps you can virtually own in G-Sonique’s very reasonably priced Rock and Metal Boutique VST plug-ins pack. The whole lot of them sells for 16.90 €, down from 28.90 € according to the website. I’m assuming that the discount is due to how none of the other model names hold a candle to Dirty Rodent in hilarity. Well, maybe the “Rectah Amp” comes close. I wonder which amplifier that could possibly be modeling. It kind of sounds like a lost Wu-Tang Clan member…

If you want to check out some samples of Dirty Rodent, Rectah Amp, and their many friends, you can head to 123Creative.com’s online store at this address. There’s a demo available there as well.

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