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It also lets us use tech buzz words like "cloud" on a metal site.

Pensado's Place does a lengthy interview regarding Andrews' production work

It's a bird! It's a band! It's - post-blackmetal weirdshit?

Visit relaxing studio in Switzerland, try to find reasons to get angry while sunbathing in mountainous paradise.

I have to admit I spent a good 15 minutes clicking on various cymbals.

Who would win in a fight, Axe-FX or an Imperial Star Destroyer?

In keeping with our website's goals we are obliged to provide a rig rundown for the gear in Phil's video.

The band goes into far more detail about the recording process than what I'm used to seeing from bands' studio

Andrews Scheps worked with Rick Rubin on mixing Sabbath's 13, among other albums.

But we've put in the time to squeeze out any info we could regarding the band's GodCity sessions.

He is a drum machine fed on misery. Your sadness and jealousy just make him play faster.

Exclusive performance jams in less time than it takes to cook a Pop Tart.

Let your ears glaze over when he talks about moving you with the band's vocals and lyrics, but tune back

And not just because these Brits spell it "analogue."

The best November event that doesn't ask you to grow an ironic mustache.