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They straddle the line between PC media speakers and studio monitors, but easy bluetooth streaming is the real selling point.

From the files of gear your studio will never be nice enough to need.

Other points of note: the clasp, drumbrella, and tracking to no drums at all.

That headline doesn't make a lick of sense, does it?

The Born Of Orisis/We Came As Romans/etc producer squashed his entire vocal chain into one inexpensive plug-in.

A ribbon microphone without the usual ribbon high-end roll-off.

This time it's a drum feature instead of an orchestra. But I like to think of drums as an orchestra

I guess this is the theme for Monday. Let's roll with it.

Part one mainly focuses on the band's demo process

And for his CreativeLive class he has Sleeping Giant singer Tommy Green in tow.

We're through the looking glass here, people.

The guys were tasked with tracking a song and generating the tones using nothing but Toontrack's software. And their guitars.