Baby Your Pedals! ORANGE AMPS Pedal Baby 100 Review

If you’re an avid pedal user, then getting your pedals to sound like they’re supposed to sound (or how you want them to sound) can be a task. Most amplifiers impart color of some kind to the sound, which is generally the point, but when you want a relatively transparent sound from your pedals, that can be a hindrance. What a lot of pedal fanatics want is a simple solution to make their pedalboard louder without making it sound noticeably different.


Orange Amps has heard their cries and introduced the Pedal Baby 100, and it couldn’t be much simpler. Three knobs – one makes it louder, one changes the bass, and one changes the treble. That’s it! It’s a solid-state Class A/B power amp, and it makes your pedalboard louder through a cab. It’s clean, it’s light, and it’s everything but a barrier to your tone.

Check out the video for how it handles a couple different types of pedals through a Revv 4×12. The Pedal Baby 100 retails for $399 – pedal addicts take note.

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