The Weekly Riff – THE STASH BAND: Acoustic Metal Heroes Show You How To Play “More War” On Guitar


If you didn’t know that acoustic metal was a thing, well, then you haven’t heard STASH. The Stash Band, fronted by metal maniac Stash Wyslouch, is the fusion of teenage years marinated in metal and 20’s obsessed with bluegrass, culminating in 2015’s Stash! which invited you to the “Acoustic Metal Party”, and now, on September 29th, they will be unleashing The Faucet of Loveanother journey through the mind of a metal madman and his acoustic guitar.

I can personally attest to Stash’s shredding skills from a young age, having been briefly in a band with him in high school (embarrassing photo below), so don’t hesitate to snag the pre-order of The Faucet of Love today!

Check the STASH! band out live this weekend (9/14 – 9/16):

9/14: Cambridge, MA – The Lizard Lounge – Tickets:

9/15: New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall – Tickets:

9/16: Beacon, NY – Quinn’s – Info:

Some more info on The Stash Band:

Stash Wyslouch, The STASH Band’s riffsmith and leader, got his start on guitar playing metal before venturing into the world of bluegrass and acoustic musics. In high school Stash co-founded Devil in the Kitchen (DitK) playing a blend of electrified fiddle-tunes and speed-metal. DitK released one full-length record and soon disbanded, but not before sending Stash down the path of acoustic-leaning campground musics.

Following the prodding and direction of DitK colleague and fiddle-genius Andy Reiner, Stash switched gears and began his professional career in bluegrass and old-time Appalachian music. After nearly a decade in the bluegrass touring circuit playing with bands The Deadly Gentlemen and Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, the riffs, shred and attitude of metal reared their head manifesting in the form of The Stash band, Stash’s current group featuring fiddle, guitar, drums and bass.

[FUN FACT: Stash and Gear Gods protagonist Trey Xavier (in the Spinal Tap shirt) were both in the redundantly-named death metal band “Ossuaric Mortuary” in 2002, playing through-composed songs based on B horror movies]

Releasing their second record The Faucet of Love this Friday, September 29, The STASH band embraces all of Stash’s influences with its own brand of weirdo music jumping from crunchy metal riffs, to Zappa-esque melodic flurries and barn-dance breakdowns. Faucet features epic guitar-fiddle riffage laced with sex, technology, religion, and levity. When he’s not playing acoustic-metal with The STASH band, Stash makes up 1/3 of highly traditional Appalachian music trio Molsky’s Mountain Drifters.

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