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The makers of Axe-FX want you to step on them.

Because old gear is better than new gear, unless you're some hoighty toighty vintage snob.

A better look at the vocal tracking process this time, for the band's new record Phenomena

He held a two-day guitar tracking clinic recently, but if you missed it you can sample these Pro Tools and

Here's some Nick Hipa and co. guitar tracking footage for the band's forthcoming album.

Toontrack just released a demo version for the drum curious or wallet stingy.

What we watched while the weekend whiled away.

Is he tracking the next Foo Fighters record at each of those stops, or are those multi-studio rumors just coincidence?

And in the process terrify you with whatever filter is on his face.

You could keep playing EZ Drummer 1, but you don't want to be caught dead with software that isn't evenly

Because Gibson just built that: the Memory Cable.

He released the first part of a drum tutorial series, because he cares about your growth as a human being.