How’d You Like to Step Inside Mastodon’s Thunderbox Rehearsal Studio?

Mastodon have a new record coming out, titled Once More Round the Sun. It’s a concept album about our solar system’s star losing its shape again, so the band must once more revert it to something more circular.


Naturally, folk are excited about these developments, and will take any opportunity to soak in the Mastohype. You’d think that a tour of the group’s Thunderbox would be a bonanza of insight. What bounty of treasures are made manifest? Let me sing to you tales of the wonderous broken coffee maker, the empty water cooler, the several-years-old Fanta! The band certainly loves their beverages, drinkable or no. Were Mastodon sipping that very Fanta during the writing sessions for The Hunter? Perhaps some mysteries are not ours to know.

Okay, fine, Brann and the camera holder do eventually walk into the room where the actual instruments are. It’s just a brief blurry look, but I did take stock of the amps. Besides the Marshalls I was expecting I also caught a glimpse of a Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic and a Friedman, which I think is a Brown Eye. The band does love their British-voiced amplification.

Source: Metal Hammer
Via: Blabbermouth

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