Here’s a Few Recording Tips Excerpted from Steve Evetts’ CreativeLive Class

It’s hard for me to avoid getting excited about CreativeLive classes when our “Summer Gear Guide” collaboration is right around the corner on June 11th, but I finally caught some clips of Steve Evetts’ (Dillinger Escape Plan, Snapcase, Sepultura, Deadguy, etc) “Studio Pass” guitar clinic.


Even in these brief free YouTube selections there’s some useful tips here. For example, it seems obvious now that it’s been pointed out but I’d never thought of routing the input through a bus as a method of printing effects. I’m not as confident in my EQ choices as Steve Evetts so I don’t know if I’d risk making a drastic EQ like that permanent, but at the very least it’s a great way to flip the phase on a mic if your preamp doesn’t have an option for that.

Speaking of phase, he also spends some time going over that along with the subtleties of mic placement in the second video. And this is just 10 minutes out of the 14 or so hours of the class’ entirety. If you’re interested in the whole thing head to CreativeLive’s website where you can purchase access.



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