Love ’em or hate ’em, you gotta give the boys in A Day to Remember props (besides, we ALL jammed The Downfall of Us All back in the day). They have been through music industry HELL during their time on the scene. Lawsuits, label drama, the Remember boys have seen it all. So, it’s always good to see them back on the road and having a good ol’ time. Anyway, here they are running through their live set up in a new installation of Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar.

This thing was surprisingly fun to watch. The band has a pretty unorthodox set up compared to a lot of other touring bands. They don’t use ANY amps or cabinets. It’s all just a road case with Kemper affects run to the house. It’s sort of a genius idea, and they save a BUTTLOAD on shipping. Say what you want about the band, but they seem to know their stuff. There’s also a fun little story at the end about a custom guitar that ended up going to Eric Clapton instead. Just a lot of fun stuff going on here.

A Day to Remember don’t have any shows coming up as far as I know, but I figure you knew that if you were a fan of the band. So just check out their Facebook for updates on tunes and merch and the like and go home, I guess.

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