Steve Vai Chronicles the Re-Making of Lost Album Modern Primitive

I’m not the biggest Steve Vai fan in the world, so this evaded me last week: to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his iconic Passion & Warfare album, Vai went back to the vault to re-record and update a bunch of song sketches from his never-completed Modern Primitive album. Spoke the man in the liner notes of this release,


The music on [debut album] “Flex-Able” is so vastly different from “Passion And Warfare”, one could wonder if the same guy actually made both records. “Modern Primitive” is the missing link between these two records. It’s sort of Cro-Magnon Vai.

Well, that’s interesting! I’m not usually a fan of re-recording projects like Exodus redoing Bonded by Blood – but in Vai’s case, this is all presumably fresh material, like this:

It’s not clear to me how much of the the music was completely re-recorded, but it certainly sounds like it. So there you go, a surprise Steve Vai album!

Vai just put out a little in-studio clip for the Modern Primitive sessions, where he talks about the music, recording process, and more. Check it out below:

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