Devin Townsend’s Alien Army Invades the Royal Albert Hall

Devin Townsend recently played one of the biggest gigs of his career at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in the U.K, which was filmed and will be released via Inside Out Music as Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall. It was a pretty elaborate setup, featuring direction by Paul Green (who did Opeth’s Albert Hall dvd) and featured a number of guests including Dominique Lenore Persi of Stolen Babies, the wrestler Chris Jericho, Jean Savoie, and video narration by Bill Courage, as well as 12 singers and actors as cast and choir.


Devy has released a number of clips from the dvd, for the songs “Deadhead,” and “March of the Poozers,” which you can now view below. If these whet your appetite, you can pick up the concert at this location.


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