How Do You Feel About Having a Recorder Built into Your Guitar Cable?

I always try to make it as easy as possibly to lay a riff down as soon as the inspiration strikes me. Like most people I’m lazy and if I have to take the effort of setting up recording gear I often put it off, hoping I’ll just remember what I wrote and just record it later. That’s why I always keep a mic in front of my go-to practice amp. It’s perpetually ready to record.


Gibson have another approach to the solution. They built a recorder into a guitar cable. A Memory Cable, to use the correct name . It records over 10 hours of audio onto a micro SD card, as an uncompressed 44.1k/16-bit WAV file. Eventually you can unload those files onto your PC or whathaveyou. And yes, it’ll still work as a regular instrument cable if the AA batteries in it die.

It’s a neat idea but I have to wonder if this is ultimately easier than just having a little portable recorder, which in this day and age can just be your phone plus the right interface.  The one thing specifically I’m skeptical of is how Gibson describes it as a “re-amping solution.” In what context would you use this cable for re-amping? Yes, it’s cheaper than a good re-amping box like the Little Labs 3D phantom, but ultimately that seems like the easier way to go for workflow in a DAW setup.

But everyone’s needs and situation are different, so what do you readers think. Would you have a use for a cable that records you?


Source: Gizmag

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