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The plague will be your bass mix if you don't master your craft, son.

His name sounds like a censored curse, so you know you can trust him.

You can never know too much about recording, unless you're The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Head over to immediately or weep in regret.

I hope you brought a big bag of cables. We're routing so many signals that we're going to need a

The JAM guitar interface is now 96K. Plus we took a look at the MIC, and the ONE and Quartet

For those of you who want some tips from Kurt about bass tone in the studio, which I assume is

It's useful for when you want to take your home studio remodeling money and waste it on blow. Any not

Well, if you're tired of hearing us talk gear with the same 'old "Axe-FX" or "5150 with a Tube Screamer"

These Frenchmen came to Brooklyn to record an album at the worst possible time, yet somehow pulled it together.

They'll help you calculate infinity in the face of option paralysis.

Unfortunately they don't answer the burning question of "what type of coffee is in that mug?"

Side-of-the-stage view of most of "Ritual" and the end of "Year Zero."

If you've wanted to lay down some synths but can't play the keyboard, and aren't the type to program it

Live playthrough videos are the best playthrough videos.