MALICE DIVINE Make Their “Triumphant Return” In This Exclusive Vocal/Guitar Playthrough

As the world patiently awaits melodic black/death metal band Malice Divine‘s upcoming self-titled release (set to be unleashed into the world on February 19th, 2021), we are pleased to premiere this exclusive vocal/guitar playthrough of their new song “Triumphant Return” off the new album, only right here, on Gear Gods!


In case you weren’t aware, Malice Divine is the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Ric Galvez, seen here both shredding and screaming magnificently throughout the song. While “Triumphant Return” is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, it’s still packed with deliciously heavy riffs, blast beats, and demonic vocals, all from the mind of Ric. Check out what he had to say about the track below!

From Ric:

“The last of the three singles to be released before the full album, ‘Triumphant Return’ is by far the most uplifting song on the album. As the song title implies, I was aiming to create a very triumphant feeling from the music with this song. The lyrics of the song further amplify the feeling of triumph that is inherent to this song, dealing with the theme of overcoming all obstacles that you face in life and bouncing back stronger than ever.”

Be sure to pre-save Malice Divine’s new album here before it drops on February 19th, as well as follow the band on Facebook and Instagram!

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