Sabaton In-Studio Drum Footage Has 5 Seconds of New Music, Brilliant Comment Ideas

Swedish historical metallers Sabaton are in the midst of tracking a new record, and have posted what you’d think would be a fairly standard short clip of drum tracking, along with a few brief seconds of new music (or, well, new beats). And just judging by the content of the clip you’d be right. But this is the first time I’ve seen a band directly solicit a Q&A session in the comments, turning the usual hive of scum and villainy that is a YouTube comment thread into more of an AMA. Not a bad idea.


The downside is that there’s not actually a lot of responses as of yet, and it seems like half of the ones that are there mainly answer “when is the record coming out?” But there is a brief loudness war debate. And to the guy asking about X/Y cymbal micing? You sir are the kind of fan we want to see at Gear Gods. Keep it up buddy.

Anyway, hopefully more replies will be forthcoming. It’s a good idea in theory, assuming the execute on it.

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