RIGGED: SONS OF APOLLO Keyboardist Derek Sherinian


On this week’s edition of Rigged, we’re getting a first-hand look at the live setup for keyboardist Derek Sherinian. Known for his work in supergroups Sons of Apollo and Black Country Communion, Derek has also done some work laying down the keys for artists like Dream Theater, Kiss, and Steve Vai. The dude is most certainly a legend in the keyboard world, and his knowledge of gear definitely shows it.

Going through his live rig, Derek walks us through the two main components of his setup: the synth and the organ. He talks about his Nord Lead 3 and its various pedals, as well as the amps he runs it through to give it its signature sound. Derek also runs his Hammond B3 organ through a few effects pedals, which add to the grit when used with his band Black Country Communion. From keys to speaker types, the guy sure knows his stuff, and is a bit of an evil genius in the studio. Never a bad thing!

Sons of Apollo is getting ready to release their newest album this year, Psychotic Symphony, which can be preordered on iTunes if you just can’t wait. Keep up with the band on their Facebook and personal website, because you can probably expect some kind of tour once the album is put forth into the universe.

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