Ghost Drum Cam Has that Satan Flair

Footage of Ghost (or Ghost B.C. or whatever their name is now) July 28th show in Brooklyn has made its way online. Besides giving a pretty good view of the drum performance (and that cool 18″ Meinl Byzance Trash Crash) you also get a decent glimpse of the rest of the band’s stage production.


I’d never seen Ghost live personally (despite enjoying their music well enough), so I wasn’t sure how I imagined their between song banter. I guess I pictured more samples and churchy sounds, which they obviously could pull off since they seem to be playing along to some pre-recorded samples/keys/whatever (note the Pro Tools rig, although I suppose that could just be recording the performance). But it was a little less epic than I pictured. A little more like a rock show. Not complaining, but when a band has a schtick like Ghost does it’s always interesting to see how the realities of a live performance match up to what’s in your head. Not that I can really judge from a quick YouTube clip anyway.

So speaking of which, enjoy:

Source: Blabbermouth

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