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...and a cable.... and his hands.... and maybe he used a hardware tuner?

The band's new self-titled album is one of the year's best.

...except she sings it out of tune on a Schecter into a Line6 Spider.

Finally, because pressing space to stop playback was way too easy.

Recording engineer Eyal Levi tells you what you need to know to get a great drum recording.

If you didn't watch the studio half of that video over and over hoping you could one day spend fifty

Just, you know, with words. Not an actual probe. You people have a serious anal fixation. I'm just trying to

This patronizing interview is delightfully charming.

Born Of Osiris have pushed us one closer to a terrifying dystopian metal future, but on the plus side, Fear

As part of our partnership with Swedish recording software company Toontrack for Metal Month all November, Gear Gods will be

A look at the band's tracking sessions for next year's record.

Better than going blue ball crazy, I suppose.

This is the kind of dumb that I can get behind.

Apparently the guys in the band didn't know until mixing that their new album would be entirely ampless.