BEAR Are Reduced To Nothing In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “Dissolve Dissipate”

With their latest album, Propaganda, dropping back in May of this year via Pelagic Records, Belgian metal outfit BEAR have made their way here to Gear Gods with this exclusive guitar playthrough of the opening track “Dissolve Dissipate”!


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that “Dissolve Dissipate” might be the perfect opener for a band like BEAR. Holding nothing back, the track dives right into an absolute onslaught of dissonant guitar riffs, pummeling drum parts, and visceral vocals that show you the band means business. Guitarist James Falck brings the heat throughout the entire playthrough with a devilishly delicious mix of low-tuned chugging, open harmonics, and fast-paced riffs reminiscent of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Stray From The Path.

About the track, here’s what James had to say:

“‘Dissolve Dissipate’ was essentially born from a desire to create something as abrasive and explosive as possible. It was created to be a real statement of intent to open Propaganda with, and something that encapsulates everything that BEAR is. Live, we tend to speed things up quite a bit when the adrenaline kicks in, so playing this song can get pretty intense. Technically, it’s really fun to play, so I want to challenge our fans to try and learn it.”

As for the gear James is rocking, his rig includes an Ibanez RGA61AL loaded with Bare Knuckle Aftermaths, Jim Dunlop 10-74 8 string set (10 + 64 removed), and the Neural DSP Nameless plugin for the tone. No wonder he sounds so massive!

The band are also challenging their fans to learn the song and to submit their entries on YouTube & Instagram using the hashtag #bearpropaganda, and by tagging the band (@bearpropaganda). Prizes to be won feature products from Bare Knuckle, Ibanez & Dunlop, as well as signed merch by the band. The deadline for submissions is December 7th at 7pm (CET). Follow their socials for more info.

Be sure to follow BEAR on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to stream Propaganda on Spotify and Bandcamp so you can truly stick it to the man!

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