Stray from the Path Do Some Fancy Stepping Around Pedalboard “Landmines”

Oh… that’s why they called it “Landmines.” Stray from the Path guitarist Tom Williams has to quickly step his way across some dangerous pedalboard terrain to execute the sound effects tucked into the main riff of the song.


I especially appreciate that the tempo of the noise is so well synced into the timing of the riff. However I can’t help but wonder, assuming he makes these types of Morello/Agata FX sections a staple of his riffing, if Williams might be well suited by adding a small midi-controlled pedal switcher (or a small foot controller with build in bypassable audio loops) to his board. Making things difficult can be boastworthy, I suppose, but all of that minefield tap dancing can put a bummer on your vibe at a show. What do you think?

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