Cubase IC Air Gives You a Futurisitc Way to… Rewind, and…. Zoom In

The groundshattering futurists at Steinberg are working hard in a surreal, Kafkaesque lab, devising ingenious new ways to make your workflow less efficient. And lo, what a breakthrough! Now, with IC Air, you can control a few basic functions of Cubase… with no hands. Sure, you’ll have to return to the keys for the rest of the commands, and your hands were already there anyway, but your flabby arms could probably use a little exercise. So raise those pasty sausage fingers in the air and make the “expelliarmus” motion or some shit. Wow, you now have access to basic scrub controls; because I know how much trouble you used to have accessing obscure features like rewind and pause, which were buried under layers of menus.


Look, I’m sorry. I really try to keep the snark in check. But seriously guys, all the inspiring tv-movie B roll music in your public works vault can’t disguise how you offered zilch in compelling reasons to use this product (which by the way seems to require at least two peripherals). I thought the XBox’s Kinnect already proved that the Minority Report UI was an intangible nightmare in application. I guess gestural control’s are the decade’s take Flash interfaces: impressive, elaborate, and completely impractical.

Source: Gear Junkies

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