This is an idea that I never really expected to see implemented, but if I had all the ideas I suppose I’d be making instruments instead of writing about them. Anyway Samson just released these Mediaone BT monitors, and the BT stands for Bluetooth, and not bacon/tomato unfortunately. The innovation on these active speakers is that you can sync them wirelessly to phones/tablets/etc.


Obviously this is more useful to mainstream consumers. I can’t imagine pro studios will be using wireless audio in the future. But then, professional studios also won’t be using $100-$200 monitors, so it’s a moot point. It seems more likely that this is a product for those who are into music production in a hobbyist capacity and also just want to be able to stream songs from their phone to some speakers.

It seems like Bluetooth is Samson’s thing now. They also built it into a PA. What do you guys and gals think? Is this remotely useful (no pun intended) to you, or just a bullet point you’d ignore?



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