Watch CARCASS Drummer Dan Wilding Rip Through “Kelly’s Meat Emporium”

Death metal legends Carcass will release their first new album in eight years titled Torn Arteries on September 17. You’ve already heard the single “Kelly’s Meat Emporium”, but you haven’t actually witnessed drummer Dan Wilding shred through the song. As you might imagine, it’s not easy feat… but Wilding sure as hell makes it look like it is.


“I’m super excited to share this playthrough for ‘Kelly’s Meat Emporium,’ the first release from our upcoming album Torn Arteries,” said Wilding. “The playthrough was recorded and mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood and filmed and edited by Jo Torres.

“This is a pretty straight forward blast / thrasher with a couple of little intricate / accented bits here and there and (in typical Carcass fashion) a constantly changing structure haha. It was super fun to write and it’s great fun to play and in a lot of ways it’s very ‘traditional Carcass’ in terms of both music and drumming. The intro drum part was an idea by Bill and Jeff who basically said ‘Play something like the intro beat to ‘Criminally Insane’ by Slayer … but with swing’ haha and I guess the rest is history. Enjoy”

Pre-orders for Torn Arteries are available here.

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