Periphery Guitarist Misha Mansoor Wants You to Program Some Drums

If you’re not hip to the basics of drum programming, and are a Periphery fan, then Misha Mansoor’s new tutorial video may be for you. He starts with the basics in the excellently titled “Basics” section. You likely won’t learn anything new if you’ve ever programmed drum videos before, but if you’re just getting your feet wet it’s a worthwhile primer.


I do agree with him that Cubase looks like a pretty good user interface for your “let’s put the kick there and the snare here” needs. I’m using Pro Tools (still on 8 myself) and I got a little jealous. My only real critique is pure personal preference: damn, that’s a lot of snare reverb but the dry kick paired with it makes for a unbalanced pair. I’m more philosophically aligned with Colin Marston in the “death to false drum reverb” camp, even with programmed drums.

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