Dave Grohl Has a New HBO Show In Which He Tours a Bunch of Studios, and Maybe Tracks a New Record in the Process…

Who’s checked out Dave Grohl’s Sound City film? HBO, apparently. They must have liked what they saw in the Grohl-directed look at the history of one of rock’s most legendary studios, or maybe they just said “fuck it this guy was in Nirvana so people will watch it,” because Dave Grohl and HBO will be releasing a series of new documentaries with similar subject matter.


The as-yet-untitled series (which may be a one-time venture and not annually recurring) sees the Foo Fighter teaming up with his biographer Paul Brannigan, cavorting around the world to visit  notable cribs of record making. Confirmed so far is not just the obvious choice of Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, where Nirvana tracked In Utero, but also Inner Ear Studio in Washington DC (Fugazi/Minor Threat/Shudder to Think) and Rancho De La Luna (Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Arctic Monkeys). Other guests scheduled to appear, but not necessarily tied to a specific studio visit, are Kiss guitarist/vocalist/chest-hair enthusiast Paul Stanley, Fugazi/Minor Threat/The Evens vocalist/guitarist/guy I’m assuming will be at the D.C. stop Ian MacKaye, Heart guitarist/not a vocalist Nancy Wilson, and more.

Here’s what’s interesting though: the A.V. Club reports that Grohl will be ” traveling with the entire Foo Fighters crew in tow.” Now let’s couple that with this recent report from Consequence of Sound, which states that the Foo Fighters will be tracking the band’s next LP at “12 different studios.” So is Dave Grohl filming this studio documentary footage for HBO while his band tracks its next album? And hey, while that film crew is there they could film a making of the album story in the process? Its something I’d bet the band wishes to invest in if its tracking procedure is so unconventional. That’s a savvy way to keep costs down, which I’m sure is crucial given the expense of such an ambitious recording endeavor.

Source: Drum! / A.V. Club

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  • Sounds like an interesting idea for a show, too bad it has Dave Grohl in it.

  • It’d be cool to see an episode where he smokes a joint and has a big steak with Ian Mackaye.

  • In Utero was recorded at Pachyderm Studio, not Electrical Audio.

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