THE WEEKLY RIFF – BRENDON SMALL Teaches a 3-Octave Harmonic Tapping Lick


With Galaktikon II: Become the Storm making its round about Musicland, there’re bound to be some head-scratchin’ shred moves from the record that you’re trying to wrap your dome around. Well, you’re in luck: Brendon Small, being the gentlemen and badass that he is, volunteered a tasty treat in this edition of The Weekly Riff.

An EVH-inspired tapping lick, that’s seen similar play on both Galaktikon I and II, is the flavor this time. A clever use of harmonics turn an otherwise bland tippity-tap into something even as skillful a player as Mr. Small deems worthy of sinking his teeth into. I realize now I’ve gone totally overboard with the food metaphor for no apparent reason, but I’m staying the course, bro.

So, learn yourself a new trick and be sure to uncover it somewhere within the new album, Galaktikon II.

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