THE WEEKLY RIFF – AL JOSEPH’s “Shift” Combines Heavy And Shreddy Into One Riff


You may not have heard of guitarist Al Joseph if you aren’t up on the shred underground, but he’s been wowing crowds across the country (and the world via JamTrack Central online classes and performances) for some time now. His first solo album Out In The Open earned him accolades from top guitar players everywhere in 2013, and now he’s back with a new one – All Of Creationwhich was released earlier this year. His YouTube channel is also packed with nuggets of knowledge and killer playing.

In this exclusive lesson, he teaches you how to play a complex riff from the song “Shift” from that album, and it’s a workout for any level of guitarist, both for your fingers and your mind! Check out the tab below (or download the Guitar Pro tab here), and watch the master in the video above – and get to ripping!

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