NAILS Post In-Studio Video

One of the albums I am easily most excited for this year is Nails‘ new one, You Will Never Be One Of Us. Like a lot of people, I started paying attention in 2013 when they released, in my opinion, the spiritual descendent of Raining Blood in Abandon All Life. It was 18 minutes long and probably the heaviest thing most of this generation has heard. Seriously great shit.


So Nails are back with a new record, yet again recorded/mixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Brad Boatright, only this time they have Nuclear Blast behind them to pump a bit more hype into this thing. The label has just posted an in-studio making-of video, in which the band and Kurt discuss the sound of the album, Nails’ approach to songwriting, and taking every part out of a song except for good riffs.

Yeah, so, this thing comes out June 17th. Pre-order a copy here.

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