HANNES GROSSMANN – “To Sow The Seeds Of Earth” Drum Playthrough Is Batsh*t

Not many people on earth blast like Hannes Grossmann. Aside from being a part of essentially the birth of tech death with his performance on Necrophagist’s masterpiece Epitaph, he’s also played with numerous other bands in the genre (Alkaloid, Obscura), plays in Blotted Science, and is the current drummer for Hate Eternal.


In case all this wasn’t enough, he’s also an accomplished solo artist with now 2 Hannes Grossmann albums under his belt, one of which came out this year. To that end, he has released this playthrough video for the song “To Sow The Seeds Of Earth” from 2016’s The Crypts of Sleepand it is nuttier than a Baby Ruth.

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