Review: Samson MediaOne BT4 Active Monitors

Let’s go behind the curtain at Gear Gods central for a second. Part of our review philosophy is that we want you to ultimately be making judgements on the sound of gear. Sure, my opinion is helpful on how something plays, or some other practical info that might not be immediately obvious. But tone can be conveyed to you directly in a video review, so why do you care about what I think? We’d rather just record the gear at a good studio and let your ears make the call.


So how the hell do we review studio monitors? I guess in this situation you’re going to have to take our word for it.

So with that, here’s myself and Backroom Studios owner Kevin Antreassian shooting the shit about Samson’s MediaOne BT4 Active Studio Monitors. To me calling them “studio monitors” does these units a bit of a disservice, since if you compare the fidelity to Adam AX7 or even KRK Rockit powered monitors they come up short. They’re not really in the same product category. If you’re looking for very accurate speakers for a dedicated recording workstation, these aren’t the product for you. Case in point, Samson themselves have monitors intended for that purpose: their Resolv line.

The selling point of the MediaOne speakers, and the origin of the “BT” in their name, is bluetooth connectivity. You can sync pretty much any smartphone in a matter of seconds and stream your music straight over. The MediaOne line is more of a competitor to a sound dock from Bose or JBL, but in a format that makes them more ideal to also be connected to a desktop PC. They’re good jack of all trades speakers, and the connectivity is pretty cool. So with that said, let’s see them in action.

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