Skeletonwitch In-Studio Video: Great for Skeletonwitch Fans, Less So for Recording Geeks

Skeletonwitch have released the fourth in a series of in-studio videos for the band’s new album, Serpents Unleashed. Wait, sorry, wrong link. That’s better.


I’ve been scouring these videos for any slightest scrap of information, since the engineering and mixing helms are being helmsmanned by Kurt Ballou, the most sought-after studio owner in metal if you’re the kind of band that still likes to sound like a band, not a steel mill fucking a car factory . Unfortunately these videos haven’t been scraps so much as an empty box with a an iou note to smell someone else’s picture of a scrap. Most of the footage has been footage of a band member talking about the album, or about Salem, or about buffalo wings.

For those of you who are looking to hear clips of two new songs, the video is much more worthwile. It contains 30-second clips of “This Evil Embrace,” “I Am Of Death,” and “Beneath Dead Leaves.”

That’s not to say my efforts have been entirely fruitless. The earlier videos show a bit of the drum tracking, and while it’s tough to get  a good look at most of the mics, it does appear that the toms have small diaphragm condensers on them, with no bottom mic. In addition, the overheads are spaced and pointed straight down in parallel.

Also, Skeletonwitch does seem to be using the Blackstar Series One amplifier that the band has been endorsing lately, albeit augmented by what looks like a Marshall JMP.

Speaking of which, it’s pretty funny watching the guys sell the little solid-state Blackstar ID:15 combo amp for this contest. It’s a little 112 practice amp so you can’t expect too much from it, but I enjoyed the minced words as they try to say that the Skeletonwitch tone is kind of programmed in there for the winner. Not the actual tone they use, but well, technically Skeletonwitch turned the knobs.

Skeletonwitch’s Serpents Unleashed drops October 29th.

Source: Metal Injection

SKELETONWITCH Unleash New Song off Serpents Unleashed

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