RIGGED: Felix Martin Shows Off Distinctive Collection of 14/15/16 String Guitars


Another dose of Rigged is here for your viewing pleasure, this time with the inimitable Felix Martin. The Venezuelan guitar specialist took some time to run through his insane collection of “2-in-1” instruments. Every piece in the collection is unique, but Felix worked especially closely with luthier JP Laplante to come up with some seriously one-of-a-kind designs. If you’ve ever wondered what an ES175-inspired 14-string would look like, wonder no more. I told you this guitar stash is distinctive.

From the jazzier end of the spectrum all the way up to the modernest of modern metal, Felix has a guitar for it all. To be fair, though, none of his guitars are what you’d call “traditional,” and his Skervesen Goliath is evidence of that. The thing is a 16-string, fanned-fret behemoth with Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Super Distortion pickups. Oddly enough, he actually never uses the Goliath for heavier bits despite it being a double 8-stringer with high output shred magnets slapped in it. Dude’s a lunatic!

If you’re curious about what Felix and these tree trunks are all capable of, be sure to check out his most recent album, Mechanical Nations. Also, there’s a section on Felix’s website solely dedicated to his fleet. Check it out if you’re interested in detailed specs and a little “bio” for each instrument!

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