Premiere Guitar Interviewed the Man Who Mixed the Latest Black Sabbath Record

While many were inevitably underwhelmed by Black Sabbath’s last album, 13, or plainly whelmed anyway, it’s still fascinating to take any look at the process of a record that’s heavier with baggage than with riffage.


Premiere Guitar just conducted this interview with Andrew Scheps, the man behind the mixing board of Sabbath’s latest. While he doesn’t go into an incredible about of detail, it’s interesting to note that the recording process seemed fairly straightforward: just basic tracks and minimal overdubs. My main takeaway is that I was left wondering if Scheps’  flattery of Ozzy’s performance mandated to him by the powers that be, or if it was genuine? Who knows? But I’ve found that engineers will usually avoid a topic rather than lie about it.

Sabbath notwithstanding, Scheps has insights about mixing theory in general. The interview is a pretty good read, so head over to Premiere Guitar if you’re so inclined.

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