Voltan Telepathy Links iOS and Desktop Plugin Synths

Keyboard players get all the cool stuff. Digital Music Technology just released new synth software called Voltan Telepathy, which uses the cloud to link its mobile app version (it’s just for iOS at the moment) to the desktop AU plugin. This allows you to pull up a keyboard on an iPad, for example, and trigger sounds remotely on a desktop or laptop. Also, any sounds and presets created on the iOS app can be accessed by the plugin later, and vice versa.


Obviously if you have an actual keyboard handy there’s little reason to play on a touch screen, but I can foresee plenty of situations where this would be useful, especially outside of a recording studio (even though claims of “near zero latency” always make me cautious, because how near zero are we talking about?). It should be noted, though, that this software is squarely aimed at Mac users. Besides the aforementioned iOS-only limitation of the app, the plugin is AU. That also means that Pro Tools users will have to jump through extra hoops to make it work. But if you have Logic, or pretty much any other DAW software available on Mac OS, you’re all set.

Source: Gear Junkies

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